The way I work

I like to personalize each Ceremony by weaving the uniqueness of the bride and groom’s Love, background, and personal circumstances into it.

I also take particular pleasure in interviewing each couple to ‘get to know them’, to ascertain their ideas, their hopes, and their choice of words etc, as well as making suggestions from my wide experience to assist them in achieving the perfect format for their special needs. These could be as diverse as unusual rituals (last year, for example, one couple wanted to exchange necklaces instead of rings. So I made a research and in the text of their Ceremony I wrote something about this old Indian ritual), religious readings, or special blessings to make their ceremony unique, memorable and – most importantly – relevant to their union.

No matter whether a Wedding is small and relaxed or large and formal, I put into every Ceremony the care and attention it deserves, and take pride in creating a Special One that guests really do listen to, enjoy, and remember for the significant event that it is.

May I stress that, whilst I encourage couples to participate in the composition of their Ceremony (if that appeals to them), they should not be daunted by the prospect of writing their own preamble, declarations of intent, vows etc, because I provide them with a ‘swag’ of choices to read and choose from. And once they have indicated what they like (and don’t like), it’s then my job to put it all together in an appealing and flowing format. Several drafts may even go back and forth between us until it’s exactly right; and that’s perfectly fine.

All of this is covered by my fee, which is advised at the time of enquiry and includes the following:

  • unlimited emails, phone calls, Skype calls,
  • stationery, telephone, fax, email & postage costs
  • a Marriage Certificate printed on special Amalfi handmade paper
  • a Pre-Wedding meeting one of the days prior to the Wedding Ceremony
  • my service as Wedding Celebrant at the venue to deliver the Ceremony
  • I welcome requests for Renewals of Vows as well.
  • I am also a Certified Interpreter for Civil Wedding Ceremonies at any Italian Town Hall.

Are you making preparations for a Wedding and considering having the Ceremony conducted by a Celebrant/Officiant?

Do you like what you’ve read above?

If so, I would be delighted to hear from you, and to help you in any way I can to make your Wedding a Special One!