My story

My involvement with “Destination Weddings” started with my services as an Interpreter.

Not long after that, a Wedding Planner and dear friend of mine asked me an unexpected question. She said: ‘Rosa, I got a request from a couple. They would like to have a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony. I think you are the right person to do it!’ Then she went on to explain why she thought I would be the right person… Surprised, I answered: ‘What exactly is a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony?’ I listened carefully while she explained the details to me. Feeling curious…I accepted the challenge!

My first Ceremony was going to take place a couple of months later on the beautiful isle of Capri. I started studying and researching, putting together various texts to propose to the Wedding Couple.

The big day arrived! Oh my God! There were more than 150 guests! They were all waiting for me to start ‘talking’… Exciting moments!

My Wedding Planner friend was also there, all the time inspiringly smiling at me. So I started delivering the Wedding speech they had chosen, really putting my heart into it. The Couple and many guests were moved to tears… feeling the emotion of the Ceremony.

And that’s how it all started!